"Marriage: An endless sleepover with your favourite weirdo.."

Your booking:

Each wedding has it’s own unique quirks, which means it’s so important that you can communicate with both your DJ and any other wedding organisers easily.  

As soon as you enquire with me regarding your wedding, I'll personally be on hand to offer the very best package possible, answer any questions, and share advise and expertise. Even if you just want a chat - I'm here to help!

As standard I'll arrange a series of planning consultations - they're really informal and laid back, but they're designed to help you feel supported in the organising of your day.

There's no pressure to make any decisions until you have all of the information, and you've had the opportunity to talk it over with your fiancé.

Your day:

You'll read below all of the different pieces of the puzzle you could book through me. A LOT isn't it...

You may have just landed here as you were looking for a DJ, which is absolutely fine - skip the rest and head straight to the Evening Reception section.

There's no pressure to add anything you don't want. I'm completely transparent on pricing, and you'll only be charged extra if you decide to add something to your package! It's that simple, which is why these particular services have been recognised for regional awards, and exhibited nationally.


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"I hope that my wedding is good as what I've planned on Pinterest"
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I (or should I say my fiancé Lauren) am all over the socials, keeping you up-to-date with our latest updates.

It's also a great chance discover some of the suppliers I've had the pleasure of working with - that's one of the best bits about working in the industry.

On there you'll find reviews, pictures, videos and general updates on my whereabouts and activities - sometimes even a cheeky dog pic..

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The start of your day. Some will be thinking about the walk down the aisle, looking forward to seeing their family, friends and of course their spouse to be! Others  will just be glad they got the right day and time!

My forté is the saxophone, which you're welcome to book throughout your ceremony. I'll prepare your chosen pieces for your entrance, as you sign the register, and as you process out as a married couple. I'll even send you demo recordings of your chosen songs before the day.

I understand however that the sax isn't for everyone, so hit the button below to find more.. (pesky string quartets, they're just too good)!

from just £199

Drinks and Canapés

Yes.. I may steal some canapés - who wouldn't..
Prices from £199

Your drinks reception is normally a 'zen' moment for everyone. The stress of the ceremony is over, and you know you've got a nice gap before your speeches.

It's time to grab a drink, and greet your friends and family as newly-weds - avoiding your photographer who will undoubtedly pull you away for some portraits.


A musical performance during this time can be a great ice-breaker. Whether that's some background music, a vocalist doing their thing, or those pesky strings pretending they're in Bridgerton, it's a stunning opportunity to entertain your guests and keep your entertainment varied and fun!

@owenpetersphotography | What the pluck?!


Have you chosen the perfect venue, but struggling to find tasteful decorations to make use of the space?

You could add one of our stunning additions which include rustic LOVE Letters and Neon Signs amongst other beautiful pieces.

add from just £150
more extras


From your original enquiry to grabbing your free print, your journey with our MCR Photobooths is seamless.  

- Unlimited Shots.
- Unlimited Prints.
- Open Air Booth.
- Whole Event Duration.
- Event Themed Props.
- Selection of Backdrops.
- Tailor Designed Stamp.
- Digital Copies.
- Booth Butler.
- Personalised Guest Book ( +£25)

add for £175

Come see me!

Although lockdown proved it was possible to 'work from home', I decided it wasn't for me! I wanted a space to mix, edit, record, relax and meet with customers without relying on Zoom - a space to separate work and life!

The door is open, the prosecco is in the fridge and the cushions have been plumped ready for you to come and discuss your big day!

book a meeting
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Evening Reception

The big one: the party - the main reason you've read though this whole website..(there's a reason it's at the bottom)!

This package comes with no hidden fees, and covers fuel expenses up to 30 miles from our base in Stockport - any extra is just charged at 55p per mile.

So less talk, what's included?

from £499

Quality PA System:
Our RCF Evox Speakers guarantee high quality audio playback with a pair of subs and tops.

Wireless Microphones:
I'll always carry a wireless microphone for announcements, and you're welcome to come and grab one to say (or sing) your piece.

Oak tree of peover

Lighting Fixtures:
There's loads of them! A range of colours, washes movers and strobes will bring your space to light, and they're all controlled via DMX meaning they can be matched to your music.

Truss System:
The 3x2 truss system is the perfect backdrop to your DJ set-up. Your lighting fixtures will be suspended from above the DJ booth, allowing the beams to reach the far corners of your space.


Personalised Playlists:
I'm all about playing songs you want to hear - otherwise, whats the point. Feel free to send us a good and bad list, and I'll use it to build your dream soundtrack.

Live Mixing:
Transitioning between songs basically determines how good your DJ is - that and song choice. I pride myself on providing a seamless playback from start to finish with beat-match where possible.

Song Requests:
I'm happy to take song requests on the evening from you and your guests - we also have some great software which allows us to stream in software, giving us the ability to mix with tracks pulled from Spotify, Tidal and SoundCloud.

@andygriffithsphotography | Mr & MRs Field-Sheridan

Planning Consultations:
I'll work with you to create a series of meetings to step back and chat about your day. Typically, a pre-deposit meeting, a mid-point meeting, and a final preparations meeting a couple of weeks before your wedding day.

4K Wedding Highlights Video:
Encapsulate your day with a highlights video filmed from behind the DJ Booth.  Consisting of ceremonial highlights, as well as drunken dances and hilarious moments, our highlights video is the perfect souvenir to showcase your evening. Watch some examples from some of our previous weddings.


Go all out!

We've teamed up with one of our favourite wedding bands to form the ultimate wedding reception musical package with a combination of DJ sets and live musical performances.

With a back catalogue consisting of almost every great song you can name, Radio Edit have been mastering their art for over ten years and combine a youthful chemistry with enough top-level musical experience to make the intricate seem easy.

Their collective resumes include appearances with bands all over Europe, the most famous festivals on the circuit, and stages shared with some of the highest-profile artists in the business.

Their easy cocktail of talent, energy, and the artistry they bring to the essential act of making an audience sing and dance all night makes them guaranteed to elevate any event and ensure that everybody has an unforgettable evening.

from £2199
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What's the best way to check availability?

That's simple: just get in touch! I refuse to take any money, or process a booking before I've had the opportunity to introduce myself and my services personally, whether that be via phone, email or even an in-person meeting. I also run our sister company, The Groove which allows you to book other DJ's and entertainers through our system.

Do you take a deposit?

Yes. For normal package bookings, a simple £50 deposit is taken, as well as a signature on our contract to let us know that you're committed to the booking as much as we are! For more complex high value bookings, a 25% deposit may be requested to secure my attendance. You will be made aware of this from the outset, and the online payment methods are really simple to use.

How far do you travel?

I'm happy to travel where ever my work takes me. Unless included in your package, a standard fuel charge is added to any booking at 55p per mile, as well as £10.80 per hour (pro-rata) for journeys longer than 1 hour.

Are you insured?

Yes! I carry all of the relevant documentation that your venue may request. This includes PAT Test Certificates, Public Liability Insurance up to the value of £2 Million, as well as Personal Professional Indemnity Insurance.

How would you define your 'style' or approach to DJ'ing?

Firstly, we're really laid back, and you'll get to learn that about me - hopefully it'll put your mind at ease. It's all about you, and I'm happy to adapt my style to suit your day and your personality. I'm not overly talkative on the microphone, and it's all about the music - nobody really cares who sang the last song or what year it came out!

Can I add things to my package at a later date?

Of course. Your initial deposit will remain valid, and secures your whole booking with me. If you choose to add any additional add-ons, I'll simply send out a new contract for you to sign with the amended information.

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