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I'm Shaun - known locally as 'the sax guy.' I'm a proud dog dad, fiancé and self employed musician from Stockport - a self proclaimed music lover and occasional canapé thief!

As well as a saxophonist, I've spent years in the music and wedding industries in many roles: sound & lighting tech, host, DJ, and even an occasional venue dresser - despite the qualifications, I still feel as though I'm beating life by doing a job that involves celebrating the best day of  customers lives!

Live Saxophone

"The good thing about music - when it hits you, you feel no pain.."
-Bob marley
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Creating the perfect ambience can be tricky. You need a mixture of classic, yet modern. Energetic, but relaxed.. A focal point, yet something that blends into the background.

I like to try and do all of these things, in my own way. My style is relaxed, but I'm happy to chat and interact with guests. I'm a trained jazz saxophonist, but play a hybrid of classic material, alongside acoustic renditions of some of your favourite pop songs. I'm all about being open to ideas, and I'm not afraid to jam and try new songs on the fly to please guests and respond to their requests - that's all part of the fun!


Bring those classic dance anthems to life, close your eyes and picture an Ibiza sunset as your dance floor is transformed.

As a DJ as well as a saxophonist, I have the unique ability to create a tailored, professionally mixed set which will undoubtedly get your guests moving. I'm also happy to freestyle and play alongside your DJ who can adapt the set to suit your dance floor.

With wireless amplification, I can join you and your guests on the floor and roam around your space to get everyone involved!


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The start of your day. Some will be thinking about the walk down the aisle, looking forward to seeing their family, friends and of course their spouse to be! Others  will just be glad they got the right day and time!

I'll prepare your chosen pieces for your entrance, as you sign the register, and as you process out as a married couple. I'll even send you demo recordings of your chosen songs before the day.

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Drinks Reception:

Your drinks reception is normally a 'zen' moment for everyone. The stress of the ceremony is over, and you know you've got a nice gap before your speeches. It's time to grab a drink, and greet your friends and family as newly-weds - avoiding your photographer who will undoubtedly pull you away for some portraits.

A musical performance during this time can be a great ice-breaker. Whether that's some jazz and swing material, or some acoustic pop covers, it's a stunning opportunity to entertain your guests and keep your entertainment varied and fun!

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Normally I'll play around 60 minutes of sax, spread out over three or four sets depending on the selection of music throughout your party.

I'll be joining your guests on the dancefloor, and getting as many people involved as possible!

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Sax Accompaniment:

I love performing with other musicians, including vocalists, guitarists and pianists - even DJ's.

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