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Over the years I've worked with and alongside many businesses and organisations to bring ideas to reality. I'm happy to become involved at any point in the process - and can provide expertise on venue as well as all other aspects of your event.

Ultimate Productions LTD (my other venture), has access to a phenomenal catalogue of live performers, event supplies and AV equipment which pairs perfectly


"A great sound system will only get you as far as the engineers ability to mix"
BA HONS degree - the university of salford

It's so important that the tech is right for your event. With customers, sponsors and staff in the room - there's no space for microphone squeals or random flashing lights.

Behringer x32 console

With this in mind, a crack team is assembled for any corporate event we book. This typically includes  AT LEAST myself, a qualified sound engineer and DJ, a lighting expert, a camera operative and at least one person with muscles who can load in and out.. It's always better to bring too many people, even if PowerPoint clicking is the last remaining job.

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It's impossible to put together a corporate package. Every conference, away day or awards ceremony is different, so limiting endless options and combinations isn't what we're here to do!

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Carl Fogarty!

Check out this video from An Evening with Carl Fogarty at the Crofters, Bradshaw.

The former 'king of the jungle' and racing bike legend came to Manchester to greet fans, discuss his career and talk about his partnership with Ducati Manchester.

We provided wireless microphones, an outdoor PA system covering three large zones and a six way visual interface with two LED walls, and four large monitors, a low level stage. We also brought along a photographer and videographer, as well as a 'follow camera' operator who beamed the whole evening onto the big screen.

Along with a singer and some background DJ'ing, it was a great evening and one of the biggest, high profile bookings we've taken to date!

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What's the best way to check availability?

That's simple: just get in touch! I refuse to take any money, or process a booking before I've had the opportunity to introduce myself and my services personally, whether that be via phone, email or even an in-person meeting. I also run our sister company, The Groove which allows you to book other DJ's and entertainers through our system.

Do you take a deposit?

Yes. For normal package bookings, a simple £50 deposit is taken, as well as a signature on our contract to let us know that you're committed to the booking as much as we are! For more complex high value bookings, a 25% deposit may be requested to secure my attendance. You will be made aware of this from the outset, and the online payment methods are really simple to use.

How far do you travel?

I'm happy to travel where ever my work takes me. Unless included in your package, a standard fuel charge is added to any booking at 55p per mile, as well as £10.80 per hour (pro-rata) for journeys longer than 1 hour.

Are you insured?

Yes! I carry all of the relevant documentation that your venue may request. This includes PAT Test Certificates, Public Liability Insurance up to the value of £2 Million, as well as Personal Professional Indemnity Insurance.

How would you define your 'style' or approach to DJ'ing?

Firstly, we're really laid back, and you'll get to learn that about me - hopefully it'll put your mind at ease. It's all about you, and I'm happy to adapt my style to suit your day and your personality. I'm not overly talkative on the microphone, and it's all about the music - nobody really cares who sang the last song or what year it came out!

Can I add things to my package at a later date?

Of course. Your initial deposit will remain valid, and secures your whole booking with me. If you choose to add any additional add-ons, I'll simply send out a new contract for you to sign with the amended information.

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